Flash MX ActionScript

Flash MX ActionScript online training courses
Total Courses: 8    Estimated Training Time: 36 Hour(s)


1 Year Unlimited access to all 8 courses listed below, includes over 36 hours of online courseware.

This series introduces the student to the ActionScript programming language and its capabilities, covering basic programming concepts such as objects, actions, arrays, and variables.

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This Flash MX ActionScript online training series provides 36 hours of self-paced courseware. This web-based training provides 1 year of unlimited access to all of the following lessons:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Directing and Managing Movies
  3. Using Variables, Properties, and Functions
  4. Creating Objects and Interactive Elements
  5. Working with Text, Buttons, and Menus
  6. Statements, Expressions, and Testing
  7. Adding Advanced Features
  8. Finishing Touches

Lesson Detail:

  • Flash MX ActionScript: Getting Started
    This course introduces users to the ActionScript programming language and explains how Flash MX uses ActionScript to control objects within Flash MX files. This course explains how to create and publish an ActionScript movie, how to add actions to a movie file, and discusses common ActionScript commands, arguments, properties, and syntax.

    • Introducing ActionScript
    • ActionScript Elements
    • ActionScript Component Books
    • Creating an ActionScript
    • Working with an ActionScript
    • Testing and Debugging an ActionScript
    • Exploring the Actions Panel
    • Assigning an Action to a Keyframe
    • Controlling Actions
    • Using Options and Context Menus
    • Tracking and Preferences
    • Expert Mode, Code Hints, and Version Compatibility
    • Understanding ActionScript Terminology
    • Syntax, Keywords, and Context
    • Dissecting a Typical ActionScript

  • Flash MX ActionScript: Directing and Managing Movies
    This course explains how to use ActionScript to manage the flow of a Flash MX movie file by advancing and stopping a movie at a particular frame or scene, and by creating loops.

    • Using the stop Action
    • Using the goto and play Actions
    • Creating an Interactive Animation
    • Programming and Testing an Animation
    • Using the getURL Action
    • Creating Individual Movies
    • Loading and Unloading Movies
    • Working with Scenes
    • Creating a while Loop
    • Creating a for Loop
    • Testing for Preloader Needs
    • Building a Preloader

  • Flash MX ActionScript: Using Variables, Properties, and Functions
    This course explains how to create variables in ActionScript that collect and display data. This course explains how to use ActionScript to create and store data in an array and to retrieve and display data from an array. The course also explains how to create objects, set and change the properties of an object, and to use functions to perform tasks within a Flash MX movie clip.

    • Understanding Data Types
    • Understanding String and Numeric Data
    • Creating Variables
    • Working with Strings
    • Working with Numbers and Boolean Values
    • Creating Arrays
    • Working with Arrays
    • Creating Movie Clips
    • Setting an Object's Properties
    • Moving Objects
    • Rotating and Scaling Objects
    • Changing Opacity and Hiding Objects
    • Getting an Object's Properties
    • Creating Functions
    • Using Functions

  • Flash MX ActionScript: Creating Objects and Interactive Elements
    This course explains how to create and modify ActionScript objects that retrieve time and date information, transform colors, and control sounds within a Flash MX movie clip. This course also explains how to use ActionScript to program a movie clip, load a movie into a movie clip, and to create a user-defined component within a movie clip.

    • Creating Objects
    • Working with Date Objects
    • Creating a Clock
    • Working with Color Objects
    • Creating a Sound Object
    • Using Sound Methods
    • Understanding Targets and Paths
    • Producing a Movie Clip
    • Creating and Loading Target Movie Clips
    • Using the onClipEvent and with Actions
    • Creating a User-Defined Component

  • Flash MX ActionScript: Working with Text, Buttons, and Menus
    This course explains how to use ActionScript to create and manipulate dynamic text within a Flash MX movie. This course also explains how to use ActionScript to create interactive buttons, drag-and-drop objects, and interactive menus.

    • Working with Dynamic Text
    • Loading and Creating Text Data
    • Working with Input Text
    • Creating Hyperlinked Text
    • Scrolling Text
    • Building a Button
    • Programming a Button
    • Creating an Invisible Button
    • Creating Drag-and-Drop Objects
    • Using the startDrag and stopDrag Actions
    • Assembling a Customizable Menu
    • Programming Menu Buttons

  • Flash MX ActionScript: Statements, Expressions, and Testing
    This course explains how to use ActionScript to create conditional statements that evaluate parameters within a Flash FX movie. This course explains how to use ActionScript to create and evaluate logical operators, string expressions, and mathematical expressions. The course also explains how to use the Key object to execute actions.

    • Creating Conditional Statements
    • Working with Conditional Statements
    • Working with Logical Operators
    • Creating String and Mathematical Expressions
    • Creating Incremental and Decremental Expressions
    • Using the Key Object
    • Scripting a Guess Number Game
    • Testing Movies
    • Using the trace Action
    • Debugging in Authoring Mode
    • Watching a Variable
    • Working with Breakpoints
    • Using the Movie Explorer

  • Flash MX ActionScript: Adding Advanced Features
    This course explains how to use ActionScript to create advanced interactive elements such as animated buttons, multi-state rollover buttons, custom cursors, scrolling text blocks, and On When Pressed buttons. This course explains how to use ActionScript to create an e-commerce shopping cart and a response form. This course also explains how to use ActionScript to program interactive movie clips, test for object collision, and animate a mask layer.

    • Creating Animated Buttons
    • Creating a Multi-State Rollover Button
    • Creating a Custom Cursor
    • Building an On When Pressed Button
    • Building a Scrolling Text Block
    • Building an E-Commerce Shopping Cart
    • Constructing a Cartoon Face
    • Collision Detection in Flash
    • Creating an Animated Mask

  • Flash MX ActionScript: Finishing Touches
    This course explains how to use ActionScript to incorporate complex multimedia elements in Flash MX movies such as a jukebox, a stereo sound controller, pop-up menus, and mouse chasers. This course explains how to combine arrays, variables, graphics, and conditional statements to create an interactive quiz game. This course also explains how to organize ActionScript files that allow the user to find coding problems more easily.

    • Building a Flash Jukebox
    • Building a Stereo Sound Controller
    • Programming a Pop-Up Menu
    • Creating a Mouse Chaser
    • Creating an ActionScript Quiz
    • Ten Tips for Trouble-Free ActionScript
    • Export and Import ActionScript
    • Ten Internet Resources for ActionScript


Flash MX ActionScript


This series is for anyone who wants to learn how to use the ActionScript component of Flash MX.


  • Flash and audio provide animated, interactive Lesson Introductions, Activities, and Simulations.
  • Simulations teach learners to perform specific tasks in applications through guided, multi-step exercises.
  • Activities allow learners to apply course concepts in an interactive questioning environment.
  • Exercises allow learners to practice in the actual application being studied.
  • Supplied sample files include sample documents, application files, programs, and programming code that enable learners to practice with these files, enhancing the learning experience.
  • A Course Topics list contains active hyperlinks, permitting quick access to specific topics.
  • Find-A-Word allows learners to look up an unfamiliar term in the Glossary, on the Web, or in a dictionary. In addition, it lets them find other occurrences of the term in the same course.
  • Search text enables learners to rapidly search all text within a course to easily retrieve information required.
  • Courses challenge the learner with a variety of question formats, including multi-step simulations, true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank.
  • A skill assessment generates a customized learning path based on the results of a pre-test.
  • A glossary provides a reference for definitions of unfamiliar terms.
  • Bookmarking tracks the learner's progress in a course.

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Browser: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or any standards compliant browser.
  • Authorware and Macromedia Flash player recommended but not required.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.

What You Get

You will receive Unlimited Access to all of the Flash MX ActionScript training tutorials listed above. Your online training courses will be available from anywhere you have internet access.This e-learning series includes all of the online training tutorials listed and is provided in an interactive, self-paced format. Retake any or all of our computer training as often as you want. Our online tutorials allow you to learn anywhere, anytime from any computer with internet access. All courses allow for 1 year unlimited access (1 user), include a variety of features and qualify for Continuing Education Unit credit.

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