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1 Year Unlimited access to all 9 courses listed below, includes over 13 hours of online courseware.

The Cisco BCRAN 642-821 series is designed to help learners prepare and take the qualifying exam for the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP certification. The BCRAN exam (642-821) certifies that students have acquired the understanding and skills necessary to successfully design, develop, configure, operate, and troubleshoot remote access solutions.

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This Cisco BCRAN 642-821 online training series provides 13 hours of self-paced courseware. This web-based training provides 1 year of unlimited access to all of the following lessons:

  1. WAN Technologies, Components, and AAA Security
  2. PPP Authentication and Network Address Translation
  3. Modems and Asynchronous Connections
  4. Using ISDN Connections
  5. Using Frame Relay Connections
  6. Dial-on-Demand and Broadband
  7. Enabling Backup Connections and Management of Traffic
  8. Securing the Network with VPNs
  9. Practice Exams

Lesson Detail:

  • Cisco BCRAN 642-821: WAN Technologies, Components, and AAA Security
    This course presents the methodologies involved with configuring remote access. The ability to work efficiently and effectively from a remote location?whether it's a branch office, small office/home office (SOHO), or a mobile location?is critical to virtually every industry and company. Knowing what technologies are available, how they can interact, and how to manage those technologies is a key component of any professional's skill set. The second part of the course describes IOS options and hardware products to help secure a network and make securing the network easier, such as virtual private network (VPN) capabilities and integration with intrusion detection system (IDS) sensors and the firewall feature set.

    • WAN Connection Types
    • WAN Encapsulation Protocols
    • WAN Connection Determination
    • CiscoSecure ACS and Router Access Modes
    • AAA Operation

  • Cisco BCRAN 642-821: PPP Authentication and Network Address Translation
    This course covers the login process using PPP. Today's corporate environments contain more telecommuters than ever before. As a result, dial-in access is an important part of network connectivity. The course also describes how NAT provides the ability to convert one address to another. One of the biggest challenges in networking is addressing, and the challenge only becomes bigger as networks scale and grow connected. NAT offers great flexibility in the use of addresses.

    • Remote Access Connectivity
    • Remote Access Authentication and Hashing
    • Configuring PPP for CHAP Authentication
    • PPP Callback and Compression
    • Multilink PPP and Login Banners
    • Link Quality Monitoring and Troubleshooting PPP
    • NAT Considerations and Terminology
    • NAT in Operation
    • Configuring Load Sharing
    • NAT Troubleshooting

  • Cisco BCRAN 642-821: Modems and Asynchronous Connections
    This course describes how to correctly choose and deploy the proper cabling and master the configuration of the router, its resources, and modems attached to the router. Asynchronous connections via modem are an integral part of any wide-area network (WAN) implementation. Although it has been relegated to backup status in most cases, the asynchronous connection still has many advantages, including its ready availability and low cost.

    • Modem technologies and standards
    • Configuring the router
    • Attaching and using the modem
    • Configuring the modem
    • Troubleshooting the modem

  • Cisco BCRAN 642-821: Using ISDN Connections
    This course covers the two forms of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI). ISDN usage, equipment and call progress, are discussed prior to a detailed description of BRI and PRI configuration.

    • ISDN Connections
    • Equipment Used with ISDN
    • Call Progress Setup and Teardown
    • ISDN BRI Configuration and Routing
    • ISDN BRI Bandwidth Usage and Additional Options
    • ISDN PRI Controller and Timeslots Configuration
    • ISDN PRI Layer 1 Communication & Interface Configuration
    • ISDN Troubleshooting and Debugging

  • Cisco BCRAN 642-821: Using Frame Relay Connections
    This course covers the concepts, components, and use of Frame Relay. Frame Relay is a standard supported by both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Telecommunication Union that defines the encapsulation from the customer premises equipment (CPE) to the data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) at the regional provider's switch. Frame Relay configuration, traffic shaping, fragmentation, and troubleshooting are presented.

    • Frame Relay Concepts
    • Frame Relay Components
    • Connecting a Single Interface to Multiple Locations
    • Traffic Shaping Configuration and Commands
    • Frame Relay Fragmentation, PIPQ, and EIGRP
    • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Frame Replay Operation

  • Cisco BCRAN 642-821: Dial-on-Demand and Broadband
    This course covers the DDR process by which a link is created on demand. As traffic needs to cross the WAN, a circuit is completed from the source router to the destination, allowing the traffic to cross. DDR circuits are useful when you pay for access based on the amount of time the circuit remains up. The second part of this course examines broadband technologies. A cursory look at direct broadcast satellite (DBS) and fixed wireless providers is followed by more on cable modems. Four wireless segments: local multipoint distribution service (LMDS); multichannel multipoint distribution service (MMDS); industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM); and unlicensed national information infrastructure (U-NII) bands are also presented.

    • Interesting Traffic
    • Dialer Profiles
    • Incoming Call with Rotary Groups
    • Configuration Example and Explanation
    • Cable Broadband
    • DSL and ADSL Operation
    • Configuring PPPoE and PPPoA
    • Troubleshooting DSL

  • Cisco BCRAN 642-821: Enabling Backup Connections and Management of Traffic
    This course covers the use of dial backup to back up a permanent connection. Having a second connection that can move data in the event the primary connection fails is a wise move for today's corporate environment. This course also covers the use of each of the three types of queuing (WFQ, PQ, and CQ), how to configure the router for each type, and the potential pitfalls of each. The Link, Payload, Header, and Modem data compression types are presented.

    • Dial Backup
    • Using Dial Backup with Dialer Profile
    • Understanding Basic Queuing
    • WFQ Queuing Concepts and Configuration
    • PQ Queuing Concepts and Configuration
    • CQ Queuing Concepts and Configuration
    • Advanced Queuing Concepts
    • Data Compression

  • Cisco BCRAN 642-821: Securing the Network with VPNs
    This course covers VPN and IPSec terminology, design, configuration, testing, and verification. The key to the popularity of VPNs is that companies can replace traditionally high-priced dedicated WAN connections for a fraction of the cost with VPN.

    • Course Introduction
    • VPN Overview
    • VPN and IPSec Terminology
    • The Five Steps of IPSec
    • Preparing for IKE and IPSec
    • Configuring IKE
    • Configuring IPSec
    • Testing and Verifying IPSec
    • Course in Review

  • Cisco BCRAN 642-821: Practice Exams
    This course provides two practice exams for the Cisco BCRAN 642-821 certification exam.

    • Taking the Cisco BCRAN 642-821 exam
    • Practice exam 1
    • Practice exam 2


Cisco BCRAN 642-821


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