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Total Courses: 6    Estimated Training Time: 9 Hour(s)


1 Year Unlimited access to all 6 courses listed below, includes over 9 hours of online courseware.

Most people's jobs include working with a lot of people who are coworkers from across the company (or even from other companies). Many times, doing your job properly depends upon other people doing the things or having the information you need. How can you persuade, influence, and inform other people in ways that will make things happen? This series will talk about how to spark action and motivation from others, especially ones who are not in a direct line of command with you.

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This Communicating with Power online training series provides 9 hours of self-paced courseware. This web-based training provides 1 year of unlimited access to all of the following lessons:

  1. Elements of Powerful Communication
  2. Persuasive Appeals
  3. Modes of Persuasion
  4. Active Listening
  5. Resolving Conflict
  6. Negotiation

Lesson Detail:

  • Communicating with Power: Elements of Powerful Communication
    This course covers basic communication skills and focuses on persuasive communication. More specifically, it covers the interaction of the three basic elements of communication: the communicator, the audience, and the subject.

    • Communication basics
    • Persuasive communication

  • Communicating with Power: Persuasive Appeals
    This course covers constructing a persuasive communication using an emotional, character, or logical appeal. More specifically, it covers constructing an emotional appeal to alter your audience's feelings, developing a character appeal through credentials, performance, excellence, and principles, as well as creating a logical appeal using a major premise, minor premise, and conclusion.

    • Emotional appeals
    • Character appeals
    • Logical appeals

  • Communicating with Power: Modes of Persuasion
    This course covers two different modes of persuasion: face-to-face and written communication. More specifically, it covers how to plan and deliver persuasive communications in person and in writing. It also covers when each mode of persuasion is most appropriate.

    • Persuasive face-to-face communication
    • Persuasive writing

  • Communicating with Power: Active Listening
    This course covers basic listening skills and focuses on active listening. More specifically, it covers the ways effective listeners prepare for active listening exchanges and the behaviors they exhibit while listening.

    • Types of listening
    • Preparing for active listening
    • Listening actively

  • Communicating with Power: Resolving Conflict
    This course covers the basic types of and responses to workplace conflict and discusses general guidelines for integrating conflict resolution into the culture of organizations.

    • Understanding conflict
    • Responding to conflict
    • Resolving conflict constructively

  • Communicating with Power: Negotiation
    This course covers communication skills and focuses on negotiation. More specifically, it covers the ways that negotiation is both an art and a science, the qualities of assertive negotiators, and the steps of the negotiation process.

    • Understanding negotiation
    • Negotiating assertively
    • The negotiation process


Communicating with Power


This series is for anyone who wants to learn more about powerful communication.


  • Flash and audio provide animated, interactive Lesson Introductions, Activities, and Simulations.
  • Flash scenarios use real world situations to illustrate course concepts.
  • Streaming video scenarios illustrate real world issues and solutions discussed in the course.
  • Audio accompanies each lesson page throughout the course.
  • Decision Point activities allow learners to work toward an outcome in an interactive environment.
  • Activities allow learners to apply course concepts in an interactive questioning environment.
  • Exercises allow learners to practice in the actual application being studied.
  • A Course Topics list contains active hyperlinks, permitting quick access to specific topics.
  • Find-A-Word allows learners to look up an unfamiliar term in the Glossary, on the Web, or in a dictionary. In addition, it lets them find other occurrences of the term in the same course.
  • Search text enables learners to rapidly search all text within a course to easily retrieve information required.
  • Courses challenge the learner with a variety of question formats, including multi-step simulations, true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank.
  • A skill assessment generates a customized learning path based on the results of a pre-test.
  • A glossary provides a reference for definitions of unfamiliar terms.
  • Bookmarking tracks the learner's progress in a course.

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Browser: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or any standards compliant browser.
  • Authorware and Macromedia Flash player recommended but not required.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.

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