Oracle 9i Database Performance Tuning 1Z0-033

Oracle 9i Database Performance Tuning 1Z0-033 online training courses
Total Courses: 18    Estimated Training Time: 18 Hour(s)


1 Year Unlimited access to all 18 courses listed below, includes over 18 hours of online courseware.

This study guide will prepare you to take one of the two required Oracle9i tests to be certified as an Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle9i Database Administrator. Practice exams are also included, which will allow you to answer questions in the same format that the test will use on exam day, and will provide in-depth instructional feedback on each question to thoroughly cover every subject you'll need to master.

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This Oracle 9i Database Performance Tuning 1Z0-033 online training series provides 18 hours of self-paced courseware. This web-based training provides 1 year of unlimited access to all of the following lessons:

  1. Performance Tuning Overview
  2. Sizing the Buffer Cache
  3. Sizing Other SGA Structures
  4. Monitoring and Detecting Lock Contention
  5. Using Oracle Blocks Efficiently
  6. Diagnostic and Tuning Tools
  7. Database Configuration and I/O Issues
  8. Optimizing Sort Operations
  9. Tuning Oracle Shared Server
  10. Application Tuning
  11. SQL Statement Tuning
  12. Sizing the Shared Pool
  13. Diagnosing Contention for Latches
  14. Tuning the Operating System and Using Resource Manager
  15. Practice Exam 1
  16. Practice Exam 2
  17. Practice Exam 3
  18. Practice Exam 4

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Oracle 9i Database Performance Tuning 1Z0-033


This series is for anyone who wants to achieve Oracle9i 1Z0-033 certification.


  • Flash-based instructional demonstrations applying course concepts.
  • Instructional audio with graphics highlighting key points.
  • Exercises allow learners to practice in the actual application being studied.
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  • A skill assessment generates a customized learning path based on the results of a pre-test.
  • A glossary provides a reference for definitions of unfamiliar terms.
  • Bookmarking tracks the learner's progress in a course.

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  • Authorware and Macromedia Flash player recommended but not required.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.

What You Get

You will receive Unlimited Access to all of the Oracle 9i Database Performance Tuning 1Z0-033 training tutorials listed above. Your online training courses will be available from anywhere you have internet access.This e-learning series includes all of the online training tutorials listed and is provided in an interactive, self-paced format. Retake any or all of our computer training as often as you want. Our online tutorials allow you to learn anywhere, anytime from any computer with internet access. All courses allow for 1 year unlimited access (1 user), include a variety of features and qualify for Continuing Education Unit credit.

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