RPG IV Programming online training courses
Total Courses: 13    Estimated Training Time: 38 Hour(s)


1 Year Unlimited access to all 13 courses listed below, includes over 38 hours of online courseware.

This series introduces the users to RPG IV, the popular AS/400 and iSeries programming language. The users will learn about the history of the language, RPG IV specifications, file access and manipulation. After completing the courses in this series, the users will be able to write RPG IV programs using structured design and modular programming concepts.

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This RPG IV Programming online training series provides 38 hours of self-paced courseware. This web-based training provides 1 year of unlimited access to all of the following lessons:

  1. Introduction to RPG
  2. Getting Started with RPG
  3. Defining Data
  4. Arithmetic Operations
  5. Flow of Control
  6. Externally Described Files
  7. File Access and Record Manipulation
  8. Interactive Applications
  9. Tables and Arrays
  10. Modular Programming
  11. Advanced Data Definition
  12. Advanced Techniques
  13. Maintaining the Past

Lesson Detail:

  • RPG IV Programming: Introduction to RPG
    This course provides an overview of the RPG programming language and general programming concepts needed to begin learning to program in RPG IV.

    • History of RPG
    • Variables and Data
    • Programming
    • Beginning Program Entry
    • Completing Program Entry and Testing

  • RPG IV Programming: Getting Started with RPG
    This course shows users how to write simple programs in RPG IV.

    • Program File Specifications
    • Program Input Specifications
    • Program Output Specifications
    • Program Calculation Specifications
    • RPG IV Output Editing

  • RPG IV Programming: Defining Data
    This course shows users how to define work fields, data structures, and other data items in RPG IV programs.

    • Definition Specifications
    • Data Types and Constants
    • Data Structures

  • RPG IV Programming: Arithmetic Operations
    This course shows users how to perform arithmetic calculations in RPG IV programs.

    • Numbers and Arithmetic
    • Defining Field Sizes
    • Example Program
    • Assignment and Conversion
    • Functions, Operations, and Indicators

  • RPG IV Programming: Flow of Control
    This course shows users how to write programs in RPG IV using top-down, structured design.

    • Structured Program Design
    • SELECT and Iteration
    • Early Exits and Subroutines
    • Creating a Report with Subtotals

  • RPG IV Programming: Externally Described Files
    This course shows users how to write programs in RPG IV to access AS/400 database files.

    • Physical Files
    • Logical Files
    • Creating and Using Database Files
    • Printer Files

  • RPG IV Programming: File Access and Record Manipulation
    This course shows users how to read, write, and update records in RPG IV programs.

    • Sequential Input Access
    • Random Input Access
    • Output Access
    • Handling I/O Errors

  • RPG IV Programming: Interactive Applications
    This course shows users how to define display files and how to use them to develop interactive applications.

    • Display Files
    • DDS Keywords
    • Data Validation and Indicators
    • File Maintenance

  • RPG IV Programming: Tables and Arrays
    This course shows users how to create, store, and access tables, and how to define and use arrays.

    • Using Tables
    • Using Related Tables
    • Defining Arrays
    • Accessing Array Data

  • RPG IV Programming: Modular Programming
    This course shows users how RPG IV programs can communicate with one another by passing data values.

    • Introduction to Modular Programming
    • Data and Procedures
    • Prototypes and APIs
    • Data Areas

  • RPG IV Programming: Advanced Data Definition
    This course shows users how to use a number of advanced RPG IV features to define data in ways that facilitate data manipulation.

    • Data Types
    • LIKE and Data Structures
    • More Data Structures
    • Field Inspection
    • Character Field Inspection
    • Field Character Manipulation

  • RPG IV Programming: Advanced Techniques
    This course shows users how to write RPG IV programs that use subfiles and online help.

    • Interactive Programs
    • Loading the Subfile a Page at a Time
    • Using Subfiles

  • RPG IV Programming: Maintaining the Past
    This course shows users how to recognize features and operations used extensively in earlier versions of RPG that are now considered obsolete but still supported.

    • RPG III Differences
    • More RPG III Differences
    • RPG II Initial Look
    • RPG II Differences
    • More RPG II Differences


RPG IV Programming


This series is for programmers who will be writing programs in RPG IV.


  • Simulations teach learners to perform specific tasks in applications through guided, multi-step exercises.
  • Exercises allow learners to practice in the actual application being studied.
  • Supplied sample files include sample documents, application files, programs, and programming code that enable learners to practice with these files, enhancing the learning experience.
  • A Course Topics list contains active hyperlinks, permitting quick access to specific topics.
  • Find-A-Word allows learners to look up an unfamiliar term in the Glossary, on the Web, or in a dictionary. In addition, it lets them find other occurrences of the term in the same course.
  • Search text enables learners to rapidly search all text within a course to easily retrieve information required.
  • Courses challenge the learner with a variety of question formats, including multi-step simulations, true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank.
  • A skill assessment generates a customized learning path based on the results of a pre-test.
  • A glossary provides a reference for definitions of unfamiliar terms.
  • Bookmarking tracks the learner's progress in a course.

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Browser: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or any standards compliant browser.
  • Authorware and Macromedia Flash player recommended but not required.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.

What You Get

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