Six Sigma (Videos) online training courses
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1 Year Unlimited access to all 3 courses listed below, includes over 1 hours of online courseware.

Six Sigma is a strategy and methodology for improving the performance of an organization, focused on fact- and data-based decision making. These programs explain the basic principles of the Six Sigma process and the steps for successfully deploying it in an organization.

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This Six Sigma (Videos) online training series provides 1 hours of self-paced courseware. This web-based training provides 1 year of unlimited access to all of the following lessons:

  1. Six Sigma Fundamentals
  2. Six Sigma Deployment Roadmap
  3. Lasting Six Sigma

Lesson Detail:

  • Six Sigma (Videos): Six Sigma Fundamentals
    In this program, you'll learn the essential principles of the Six Sigma improvement process and why it has worked for so many companies. You'll also become fluent in the language of Six Sigma and its roles, methods, and tools.

    • Introduction
    • Why Six Sigma?
    • Managerial Initiative
    • Methods and Tools
    • The Tools and DMAIC
    • Six Sigma Roles
    • Summary

  • Six Sigma (Videos): Six Sigma Deployment Roadmap
    In this program, you'll learn the common factors of successful Six Sigma implementations and how to deploy a Six Sigma plan that reflects your organization's unique needs and culture. You'll also see important steps of each phase of deployment, from launching to managing and growing the effort.

    • Introduction
    • Success Factors
    • Launching the Initiative
    • Deployment Plan Elements
    • Project Selection Criteria
    • Launch Steps
    • Managing the Effort
    • Summary

  • Six Sigma (Videos): Lasting Six Sigma
    Many Six Sigma initiatives hit a lull as other organizational priorities arise over time. In this program, you'll learn techniques for sustaining and growing the Six Sigma effort, and you'll see how Six Sigma is integrated with operational and managerial processes and how it functions as part of an overall improvement system.

    • Introduction
    • Sustaining Momentum
    • Growing the Effort
    • Design For Six Sigma
    • Creating an Integrated Improvement System
    • Six Sigma and Other Quality Programs
    • Summary


Six Sigma (Videos)


Employees and executives of companies considering Six Sigma; anyone who would like to learn more about Six Sigma.


  • This series is presented using streaming video.
  • Interactive questions appear periodically during this video to engage the learner and reinforce key concepts.
  • An index lists the key sections of the video, with the ability to select sections to play.
  • Slides accompany the videos and reinforce the learning topics. These slides can be downloaded for reference after the course is completed.
  • A full-text transcript of the video can be viewed. Text in the transcript is selectable to choose a point to play the video.

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Browser: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or any standards compliant browser.
  • Authorware and Macromedia Flash player recommended but not required.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.

What You Get

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